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Theta Elders Association, Inc.
Annual Corporation Meeting Agenda
June 7, 2008     

Meeting was called to order at 1:18 PM by President Donaldson.  

Roll Call by Doug Donaldson.

  • Doug Donaldson , Don Burr, Michael Joyce, Bob Kravecs, Jeff Davis, Tristan Lawrie, Geoff Preston and Paul DeRose via conference call for the Investment Committee portion of the meeting. Secretary Niederwerfer was not able to attend due to engine trouble.  Tom Stevens and Dennis Johnson were both out of State and unable to attend.

Declaration of a Quorum by Doug Donaldson.

  • President Donaldson reviewed the role call and declared that a quorum was present.

Opening Ode

  • The Ode was lustily sung in six part harmony with Brothers Preston and DeRose croaking along over the speakerphone.  Brother Burr is still mouthing the words and may be nominated for an HA at some future meeting.

Approval of Minutes from the last annual meeting.

  • Minutes of the January, 2008 Directors Meeting were distributed and corrected:  The membership of the Investment Committee was corrected as follows: Jeff Davis was deleted and Don Burr was inserted.  The minutes were approved as corrected subject to final approval at the next Annual Meeting.

President's report

  • President Donaldson thanked the officers and Directors for their willingness to serve and expressed confidence that this year would be the best in a decade.

Secretary's report:

  • No report was submitted since Brother Niederwerfer's car ate his homework.

Treasurer's report: Don Burr

  • Treasurer Burr submitted his usual excellent report detailing all account balances as of 1/1/08:

  • General Checking Account -  $  3,043.92

  • Investment CD's -                  $63,291.42

  • Fidelity Investment Account - $49,226.13

Undergraduate Counselor's report

  • Tristan will make regular contact with the current Phi as soon as Doug Donaldson gets them in contact with each other.


Website report:  

  • Michael Joyce reported on the newly updated postings.  His intention is to post regularly to keep the site fresh.  He solicited photos of Zetes and Zete events.

Housing Committee report:  

  • Brother Donaldson is in contact with Peter Plante who is now in Real Estate after retiring from the State Police.  Together they will get the pulse of the real estate market in Storrs.

Investment Committee:

  • Paul DeRose attended the meeting via conference call.  He was appointed as a member of the Investment Committee by Geoff Preston and ratified by the board.

  • Introductions and discussion with our new financial advisor: Panfilo Gugliemi from Advanced Capital Advisors introduced himself and his company to the board. The committee recapped our investment philosophy: i.e. all of the funds are to be invested aggressively at the time of Panfilo's choosing.  We are interested in aggressive growth and we understand that there will be significant risk associated with this posture.

  • He answered questions regarding his fees and investment strategies:

    • He is donating his fees as a courtesy to Bob Kravecs who is his friend and a client.

    • His company is able to avoid the usual minimum investment limits for many funds because of their status as investment advisors.

    • He asked for written guidance regarding who is authorized to order trades and transactions.

    • Resolved:  That from time to time the Theta Elders Association will place certain of its assets under the control of Panfilo Gugliemi of Advanced Capital Advisors.  Bob Kravecs is authorized to act on behalf of the organization for all matters including but not limited to transaction instructions for the account.  In Dr. Kravecs' absence, Don Burr is authorized to act for the organization.

  • The board directed Doug Donaldson to create a suitable thank you for Panfilo's services if we aren't broke a year from now..


Theta Chapter Active Scholarship Grant:  

  • Deferred to the Annual Meeting.

Funding for the Undergraduates at the Annual Convention and LTI:

  • Deferred to the Annual Meeting.

Fundraising / Dues Campaign Plan:

  • Brother Joyce will print dues notices working with Jeff Davis.

  • Lengthy discussion ensued regarding fundraising.  Brother Donaldson will draft a complete program to submit to Mike Joyce and then the entire board for review by the end of June.

List of Members Eligible to vote: 

  • Don Burr submitted the records for 2004.  Brother Donaldson will pull his list together will any old records held by Steve Rogers or the back files.


  • The Annual Meeting and Summer Picnic will be Saturday, September 6th at Wickham Park in East Hartford.

HA Plaque

  • Deferred to the Annual Meeting.

Good and welfare:

  • The gavel was passed psychically and warm fuzzies were extended by all to all.

Closing Ode and Adjournment:

  • The ode was proudly sung and four symbolic beers were consumed.  The brand was Wales Tales (or was it Whales Tails) provided by Bob Kravecs.

Respectfully submitted in Tau Kappa Phi,  

Ron Niederwerfer


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